Thursday, April 2, 2009

Google Adsense Overview

Upon entering the google Adsense , you will see four tabs as shown above: 
  1. Reports
  2. Adsense Setup
  3. My Account 
  4. Resources

The Reports tab is divided into subsections: 
  1.  Overview
  2. Advanced Reports 
  3.  Report Manager 
  4.  Site Diagnostics
The Adsense Setup is divided into sub tabs as : 
  1. Get Ads 
  2.  Manage Ads 
  3.  Color Palettes 
  4.  Channels 
  5.  Competitive Ad Filter 
  6.  Site Authentication 
  7.  Allowed Sites
My Account is divided into subtabs as : 
  1. Account Settings
  2.  Account Access 
  3. Payment History 
  4. Tax Information
We will discuss each of them in the coming posts soon . 

Making Money Through Google Adsense

One of the easiest way to make money from blogging is to add the account for google adsense. The google adsense account can be created with following url : 
If you have a google account , then log in with the gmail ID and password. Dont be afraid, this is a google product and you can safely sign in. 
Once signed in , fill the details as requested , and submit. Google will check the BLOGSPOT address , or the website you want to place google ads on , and get back to you. It is most of the times, approved. But in case it gets disapproved , it may be because : 
1. You are having third party ads on the blog/site already
2. You dont own the blog , and try to market it 
3. You have some hatred / undesired content on the blog ( covered in adsense signing policy) .
Once google has approved the adsense account , you are all ready and raring to go to make that extra money 
CAUTION: Please provide the correct tax information , bank account details and so on. The money though real is not black. In any case of fraduent or undesired disclosure , adsense reserves the right to close the account then and there. This is covered in the agreement. 

**** Do read the agreement completely and clearly when you accept the agreement. 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Way To make money from blog

Way To make money from blog :

Yes , blogs are an easy way to make money , and one does not need to know all about it, or update it daily. Blog once written will fetch money for a long time. And before i tell how to make money , and optimise the ads to get the maximum benifit , first i will tell how to create a blog.

Types of Blog

Blogs can be catogarised into many new catogaries. And its easy to maintain them also.

There are two types of blogs :

1. Free blog : As in blogspot , ibibo , ning .

2. Paid blog : you can get a web address and maintain the blog yourself.

What is Blog ??

A Blog is an online diary , a notebook and what more , a thing where you can write , express and tell the world what you know , or make them see the world in your eyes. It will act as an diary which can be updated on daily or weekly basis.

The Blogs not only help a person to keep a track of things going around him , but can also be used as a means to convey or annouce events.

One can go in for many types of blogs:

1. Personal Blog : Personal blog is nothing but the bedroom diary which you fill in daily before you go to sleep , but online. Unlike the under pillow diary , this one does not have the risk of getting erased , torn or played around with. This is one of the safest site where you can write and keep it there for a long time , as long as life and after that too..

Word of Caution : Even Though one can not search through the blogs to come to your specific blog , still your blog is public. No matter how private or sensitive the diary is , the blog is public. So take a bit of caution while maintaining the blog.

Sample blog :

2. Informative blog - These blogs are those which will give information which can cater to wide popluation and may be very specific in content. Like a person can share a trick to find the size of file in bits , to sharing how to procure tickets from cinema hall. These are widely used nowadays. How to exercise properly to dieting habits , and how to make food, all will come under this segment.

This type of blog helps in knowledge management , and should be easiest the best thing in the blog world , as this not only prevents us "Reinventing the wheel" but also easy to find and locate.

Sample blog :

3. General Information Blog - There are some people who will like to write on general things like public services , the information relating to buses comuting between places and such things. These general blogs may blend with personal experience of people and problems faced

4. Movie Blog - There are many people who are real movie buffs, and write at lenghts , about critics and reviews , and songs they like they share. One can even share the videos and songs and embed in the blog pages. This is easy and i will tell how to do it .